Helluur from the Bristol Brigade!

Who’s ready to get this ball rolling?! Not me. I don’t have a single flipping clue what I’m doing here, but you people keep hounding me to start a blog, so HERE I AM.

My header up here is telling me to introduce myself so I guess I’ll start there.

Obviously using the best picture I’ve ever taken in my life.

I am Brittany (the ruler of the Bristol Brigade). I’m 30 and I am a wife, mom of four bios, soon to be temporary mom to a few foster teens, Jesus follower, lover of curse words, and a bit dramatic. But, we’ll touch on that at a later date.

I’ve some how managed to gather a few followers who like to see my shenanigans happening in real time (or shortly there after). So here I am. Starting a blog so everyone knows all of my business, all of the time.

Let me introduce the rest of the Bristol Brigade..

First up is Aaron. My mediocre husband. He works all the time, is a lover of cuddles, and doesn’t ever know where his keys are. You’ll hear more on him as the posts start coming.

Next up: Spane Bristol.

He’s my second favorite kid in the house, you only see him when he emerges from his dungeon of stinch for a snack and a quick breath of clean air. He’s got a big ole tender heart for others and is Mr. Atheletic. You’ll also hear about him and his shenanigans in a few posts. He’s got plenty to share, himself.

And… Our Ainsley.

This one, man. She’s a bit much. She’s feisty and strong willed. She hates socks and anything that touches her funny. She’s a lover of all things I hate, and a loud chewer.

But on a positive note she’s a great student, a huge helper, a killer softball player and she’s learning to cook so that’s one less chore for momma.

Next on our list… Arlo Brooks.

He likes his coffee HOT with four creams, four sugars. This one is a pistol. He likes his nails painted pink and his toes painted sparkles. If he’s not climbing the doorways to touch the ceiling, he’s jumping off the highest place he can find to show us his newest trick. Parkour~Parkour! He’s the favorite child, for now. But this next one is slowly creeping into his spot….

Last but certainly not least, little Wibby.

She’s my fireball. The tiny sweet little princess of the family. The one who will hold your face so sweetly until she falls asleep. Also the one who will slap you right in the mouth if you tell her something she doesn’t want to hear. She’s learning she has to fight for the attention around these parts, and fighting she can do.

That shortly sums up who we are as a family. I’m super excited about diving into this blog and sharing my thoughts with all of you!

If you want to stay up to date, subscribe at the bottom of my page to be notified when I post!!

Until next time you creepy people…

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